Work it. Own it. Love it.

Scrubbing the kitchen floor aside, I try not to do anything half-assed. I mean, if I’m going to wash my car on the outside, I may as well vacuum the interior right? And, if I’m attempting to cook my husband dinner, there’s no way it’s going to be something I’ve already made and put in the “success” bucket. Nope, if I’m doin’ it, I’m REALLY goin’ for it (lucky husband). This is kind of how I felt when I saw this room on Apartment Therapy. Anyone can throw up some pink paint and deem their tastes feminine, but this? This takes it to a whole other level. A level even Elle Woods would respect.

(image from Apartment Therapy, cleaned lined sofa from Pieces, silver leaf wire pendant from Pieces, artwork by Dallas Shaw via Haute Design, crystal cocktail shaker with swirl martini glasses at Linley, Hermes enamel bracelet)

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