Everthing's Better on a Stick

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Sorry, peeps, no board today. Truthfully? I'm just too f-ing hot and can't stop thinking about a recent discovery: Popbar in New York. Ever heard of it? It's handcrafted gelato...on a stick. I'm sorry, what dude? As if gelato couldn't get any better, they go and make it convenient and all kinds of cute. Not to mention I could write a dissertation on how much better pretty much everything would be/is on a stick. Meat on a stick, frosting on a stick, chocolate on a stick, coffee on a stick, you feel me? Therefore, you can imagine how devastated I was to discover I'd have to fly across the country to get my hands on this deliciousness. (Don't think I didn't entertain the option for a second.) In a sweaty, brain-cooked haze of emotion I actually clicked on the "click here for franchising information" page because, well, it seems like an act against God that this kind of thing doesn't exist in the desert. Until I have enough discretionary income to become Queen McSticks of the Southwest, though, I’ll just stare at this picture, hope one of you is getting a popbar fix, and weep gently under my desk.

Booooo. Stupid gelato.

Kate  – (July 16, 2010 at 1:00 PM)  

hilarious. i clicked on the franchise link too. how about you be the queen of the southwest and i'll be the queen of the midwest, k? :)

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