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While I was down for the count after cataract surgery last week (yah, I'm 80, what's it to ya?) and enjoying guilt-free DAYTIME sleep, I was dreaming of a fabulous vacation. I know - daytime sleep and a vacation?? Unheard of, but whatevs. Usually my fantasies involve sandy beaches and warm blue waters, but not this time. Maybe it was because of the rain we got or that the temp finally dipped below 80, but I was suddenly craving a cozy fire and crunchy snow underfoot. Oh and yea, I'd like to experience both in this place. The Amangani Resort is a luxury locale in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and it's open year-round. Not that I would go anytime other than the winter because it would obviously suck (rigggggght, see photos above). "What does the lovely name of the resort mean?" you wonder? Peaceful home. Yep. I approve that message.

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