A Tale of Two Stewarts

During a recent lull at the office, I started Googling friends and family to see what new gems popped up. (You know you've done it.) Hmmm, an old press release, dated wedding registries, and wait, what's this, marthastewart.com??? Upon typing in my grandfather's name, I click on the link to discover that Martha visited Palm Springs last October to take in some modern architecture...including a house my grandfather, E. Stewart Williams, designed! Oh, the Edris house. Glorious abode among the boulders. Marge Edris was one of my grandmother's dearest friends and I spent many a day lounging by her pool, gabbing her ear off and learning to make a very dry martini. Mmmm, martinis. If I only knew then that the house would warrant miss Martha herself to stand where I once stood, I would’ve paid more attention to the architecture and d├ęcor and less to my tan. Sigh. Though, do you think this means Martha and I are somehow cosmically connected?? Good. Me too.

Shay  – (January 23, 2010 at 1:46 PM)  

I think your cosmic connections are larger than Martha Stewart.

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