Desktop Delusions

Remember back in the day when desks consisted of pretty paper and pens, trusty landlines and physical address books? Hell, remember when desks were a necessity?? Me neither. Much like the days of the Dinosaur, I’m pretty sure the era existed, but outta sight, outta mind. Today though, with my cell phone hanging off my ear like some tribal accessory, my laptop heating up my legs like a cheap TV dinner and my TiVo on reality show overdrive, I’m wondering if life would be easier with a simple Rolodex and a smile. Okay maybe not easier, but certainly more stylish. Just ask Betty Draper.


(hand printed poster by Hable Construction, Jonathan Adler nelson minor lamp, 1950s phone index via Present and Correct, kartell hi cut chairs at Design Public, airia desk by Herman Miller via Velocity Art and Design)

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