Frugal Fridays - Please Pass the Bar

In honor of the holiday weekend, I thought I'd get festive and talk about cocktails. I mean, what better way to recognize Memorial Day than with a toast, right? Who's with me?? That being said, it's going to be 100 here on Saturday and well, 100 = pool party. Don't get me wrong, I love a good pool party. What I don't love is consuming my frosty beverage IN the pool only to realize I'll have to EXIT the pool to get another. And this my friends, is no bueno. Especially when exiting means burning my feet on the deck, inevitably grabbing a sopping wet towel, and giving my fellow partygoers a bird's eye view of my bathing suited bottom. No thank you. Enter the rolling outdoor bar cart. Truly, has there ever before been such a great invention? Stylishly rugged and perfectly functional, it's like a personal mini-cooler but classy. You know, 'cause classy is what I'm going for after my umpteenth frosty beverage. Pruney on the other hand? I'll toast to that.


P.S. I realize I haven't provided you with a price on the B&B Italia cart, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that any piece requiring a price request from a manufacturer is a piece too pricey for me. Mmmmmkay?

(B&B 1966 collection bar cart by Richard Schultz, West Elm barrow bar cart)

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