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I spent last weekend flipping through old issues of Domino and realized that the magazine’s demise has left me with so many unanswered questions and a sad, empty hole in my style archives. For example, we live in a two-bedroom condo…how will I redesign our office to accommodate a baby? My 20-something living room is in need of a 30-something makeover…comfortable bohemian or clean mid-century? Most importantly, I wondered how many others like me were craving a little design and décor inspiration? And then it hit me. One of my grandfather's was a brilliant architect, the other an award-winning photographer. My Scandinavian mother is an unbelievable interior designer and my scholarly father a man of extraordinary travel and ideas. Though my professional career has led me to be a writer, artists in my family abound, and beautiful style has always moved me. And whether it’s for 2,000 people or two, I think it’s time to try and spread a little inspiration. Enjoy!

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