Silent Night

Here's to great family and friends, strong cocktails and sweet sleeping babes! Happy everything, everyone. See you in 2012!


Photo Fantabulousness

Since the birth of T-Kong, I've done A LOT of things I said I never would. You know, like take my baby to a bar, rock a little spit-up like an accessory, let my living room be taken over by bright, shiny objects, and photos. Not that I ever saw anything wrong with holiday photos, I just didn't consider myself a photo-on-a-card kind of gal. And then I saw Joanna Polling's site. Ummm, yeaaaa, she's the kind of photographer that makes me want to be a better person. As soon as I saw these shots of her own kids, I was suddenly overcome with the need to have as many photos of my own little guy as humanly possible. And then I needed to share those photos with anyone who cared enough to open the envelope. Lucky for us, Joanna not only fit us into her already busy schedule, but she was ridiculously patient AND didn't make me feel like a total ass while standing in the desert in my flip flops (smart) with my too-long jeans rolled up (seriously, who wears that to a photo shoot?). (Don't even get me started on how sweaty I was, by the way.) She even got my kiddo to smile despite his total exhaustion that day; an act of GOD I tell you. I could go on and on, but the moral of the story is that I can't thank her enough for how beautiful the shots turned out and how much we'll always cherish them, so instead I'm going to pimp her out from now until the end of time. So yeah, if you live in AZ, get on it already and contact her will ya? Sheesh.

PS-If you find a holiday card in the mail from me and we're not even that close, please accept my apologies. I blame the alien that seems to have taken over my body and turned me from dark and gloomy to sunshiny and gushy about all things babies, family and apparently holidays. Sigh.

(All images via Joanna Polling and her genius)


Deck The Halls With DIY

This year the fam's decided to focus a lot on DIY Christmas gifts. Let me be clear - I am NO crafter. In fact, things like scrapbooks make me want to die. (Shudder). However, I'm all for a beautiful candle like the one my friend Jen shared awhile back, or some kind of baked good even. Then I saw this photo of a pendant made entirely of coffee filters and a flood of ambition washed over me. What's this? A gorgeous light that would impress my recipient not only with its beauty but with my mad creative skills?? The thought was fleeting though, after I realized how long it would take and that empty filters would only lead to the empty promise of coffee which would surely derail my ambition. You feel me? It's still purrrrtty to look at though. Sigh.

(Check out the DIY deets HERE)


Weekly Whiteout

Holy balls it's been a long time since I blogged. Anyone else's days running together? Anyone?? No? Suck. What if I told you I've been taking on a little light reading? Yeah, that would be a lie. It would be awesome if I were like other bloggers I've seen of late who disappear for a short while only to come back and admit to working on big, fancy, lucrative projects that were taking them away from their daily posts. Sorry, friends, I'm pretty boring these days. Busy, but boring. I still got love for you though! I'll be back in some kind of normal routine soon I swear. Er, ish.

(image via I have no idea! Double suck.)

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