Round 2

Let’s keep it real for a second, shall we? Babies are amazing. Little glowing, fresh-faced cherubs of wonder who bring joy to all who cross their paths. Know what else they bring? Stress. Pre-babe, the Hubs and I rarely had cause to argue. I mean, what to eat on a Friday night was seriously a top 2 contender. And then came baby. Suddenly tongues are a little sharper, tones are a little higher and patience is a little thinner. I’m just sayin’. While most of the time I don’t remember what our bouts are about, I do know that I usually (okay all the time) regret things I’ve said. Just like I hope my little one doesn’t wake up at 4 am again tomorrow, I also hope that during our next “match” I remember that Hubs and I are in the same boat. The same sleepless, weighted down, single-ore vessel that tends to retain water and definitely needs a fresh coat of paint. It may not be pretty, and it may take us a while to get to our destination, but the bottom line is there’s nobody I’d rather be traveling with. Life jacket or not.

In other news, this is a great post I’m thinking of laminating and hanging up in my bathroom – 15 tips for staying married for 15 years. Gems include, “don’t criticize,” “get really good at sex” and “make a husband pact with your friends.” Yup.  

(Vintage-style boxing print via mynameisjz) 


Oh hey, what's this? Just the coolest bed frame/hanging side table combo EVER. You know, no biggie.

(Image via Int-sight)


Balls, Has It Been That Long?

Soooo, apparently I’ve lost all track of time. My last post was in March? Seriously?? Clearly I’ve stepped into some kind of time warp where friends forgive me for not calling them back and it’s cool to not wash your hair (er, something). In this alternate universe, we’ve been doing things like traveling to San Fran (first plane ride for baby – no, I did not end up on the news), celebrating anniversaries, eating too much, catching up with family and learning to stand. Yeah, that’s right, learning to stand. Oh and PS, it’s going to be 102 degrees this weekend and I’m already dreading the summer. Hmmm, I wonder if this alternate universe has ceiling fans? Don't judge. 

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