Leather, Lover.

There's something about a single leather chair in a room that feels both masculine and sexy. I'm in constant search of the perfect vintage piece to add to my ridiculous seating collection, but so far, nada. Maybe it's because I'm horribly indecisive, or maybe because I fear where there's one, there are a hundred. Not that living among an army of chairs in maze-like formation in a 2-bedroom condo is a bad plan. Can I get a what what?!

But seriously, if there was one piece of furniture that you'd give up all others for, what would it be? And no, you can't say Sean Penn as a stool. (You know who you are.)

(I swear I have sources for these images but I can't seem to find them. Stupid no-sleep zombie.)


Weekly Whiteout

Ahhhh, Halloween decor that doesn't scare the hell outta me. Love it!

(image via Sweet Paul)


Hallow, Easy Costume

What better way to start our week than by introducing you to the easiest Halloween costume on the planet? I'm pretty sure these killer ponchos are the love-child of pajama jeans and muumuus, and frankly, I couldn't be more stoked. I mean honestly, did you read my post on Friday? I'm a woman on the verge, people, and trying to squeeze my ass into a sexy nurse/devil/Disney character getup makes me want to die. But a blanket with a face? Now that's a fashion statement I can get behind. Literally.

(panda buddy, tiger buddy and owl buddy via Urban Outfitters)


Who I Am Today

I am tired. I have a child whom, for whatever reason, suddenly doesn't feel like sleeping more than an hour at a time. I'm back in the office, facing 2-hour commutes, 3-hour meetings and impossible deadlines. I'm exhausted just getting dressed in the morning, let alone trying to juggle my work, my family and my friends. I'm overwhelmed with guilt some days while walking out the door...desperately trying to become a mother who works and not a working mother. I am the wife of a man who was laid off right before our baby was born and one-half of a couple in the midst of reevaluating priorities and responsibilities. I am trying to be thankful for his time with our son instead of jealous at my lack thereof. I am trying not to give myself a heart-attack and MS episode all at once. I am not as focused on happy hours, relaxing getaways, fabulous handbags and daily blog posts. I am dedicated to the happiness of a tiny little person, a loving relationship with my husband, combating my insurance company, and figuring out how to support our family while not working for The Man. I am trying to remember to breathe. I am terrified I will forget how. And then, in an instant, I am reading THIS article...

I am blessed. I am blessed. I am so very blessed.

(photo by Vivienne Ward)


Weekly Whiteout

Though I'm married to my ceiling fan, I fantasize about gorgeous light fixtures in the bedroom. Don't judge. You'd do it too if you had to give up style, good taste and a touch of your pride simply in an effort to not spontaneously combust.

Stupid desert.

(image via Brick House)


Dear Maternity Jeans,

Just want you to know you're doing a bang-up job masquerading as regular jeans. And none of that Coke Zero as real Coke business. People REALLY think you zip up. So thanks for that.

Stretchy Pants McGee

P.S. Yes, I am aware I am no longer pregnant. Thank you.

(Button via BadgesByQuake)


Weekly Whiteout

Well helllllllo glossy white cabinets, white subway tile and GORGEOUS butcher block counter tops. I don't know your story, but your style's got me all hot and heavy. If you're not doing anything later, I'd love to spend the day together. Or the night. Mmmmhhhhmmm, that just happened.

(image unknown)


I Am 3 Months Old

And what I don't have in hair, I make up for with mad game and super rad style. Oh, and hand gestures. I love me a good hand gesture.


Super Pumper

Vast wasteland of cubicles.


Ongoing internal debate about the pros and cons of continuing to breast pump now that I’m back in the office.

Conversation about such saga with fellow mother/co-worker/friend
Me: “Pumping at work sucks, but…”
Her: …“it’s the most unselfish thing we can do for our children.”
Me: “Totally.”

For the record, I was about to say “but it burns so many calories.” Happy Thursday.

Selfish Mom

(Image via Davididaho)


Weekly Whiteout

After my first day back at work yesterday, I would kill someone to soak in that tub. Realistically though, I'd probably just end up drowning from sheer exhaustion, and that's no fun for anyone. On that note, another coffee. Sigh.

(Image via Airspace)

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