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My company does this big "great places to work" thing. You know, recognizing people for their efforts with say, a water bottle or $10 Target gift card. Not that I'm givin' the stink eye to a $10 Target gift card, but I can think of better ways to reward employees for their hard work. Like providing them with a surf shack in Montauk exclusively for their use. You know, an impossibly COOL surf shack, for an impossibly cool company. This one, for example, is for the clients, staff and friends of those lucky enough to work at Chandelier Creative. For the love of God, even their website is all kinds of awesome at (Yes, seriously.) So when I bid adieu to maternity leave and head back into the office on Monday, I'll be sure and stare at these pictures. Right before diving into endless hours of hard work in hopes of earning a sweet magnet. Another one. FML.

(First seen on Honestly WTF)


It's Black And White

I spent more than a few minutes looking at these photos. Same furniture, same styling, yet totally different vibe. Ready for this? I like the black walls better. Uh, what dude? Maybe I'm in a dark period, or maybe I'm just picturing the white room covered in baby food/spit-up/other grossness, but it's speaking to me on a lot of levels. And you know what they say...once you go black you never go back. We'll just have to see about that.

(photos via Emmas Design Blog)


Weekly Whiteout

Ah, a beautifully painted white floor and plenty of storage. Be still, my heart. The clown, however, I could do without. (Shudder.)

(Image via Emmas Design Blog)


Calling All Swingers

I am a simple girl with simple tastes. Give me a beach, a patio and a beer and I'm a happy camper. Add to that a sweet beach house, pool, and rooftop bar you could pretty much get me to do anything you want. What's that you say? Swings as bar-side seating? Yeah, I could get down with that.

Rent this Cozumel gem HERE.


Weekly Whiteout

That table, those floors, the greenery...perfection. I love a huge family-style dining table for large gatherings, don't you? Not that I'm into cooking for large gatherings but whatevs. Booze is a food group, right?

(image via Airspace)


The New Order of Disorder

I remember when I used to laugh at my friends who had kids. Toys everywhere, laundry piled up in corners, dishes in the sink...I swore I'd never let it happen. I also swore I'd never watch Jersey Shore, and well, you know. Thank God photos like this one exist to keep me from getting sucked down the rabbit hole of function over form. Loving everything from the use of concrete in the bath, to the gorgeous bed in the master, to the open windows in the living room. And oh, that clean kitchen. Check out the lady of the house all calm and collected with her beautiful scarf and what is sure to be a delicious cup of FRESH coffee. Watching me, judging, all "look at my nursery/guest room with it's fancy art and bare floors." Sigh.

(images via House to Home)


Waddup, Yo?!

So yeah, I'm back, baby! Ish. Started working from home last week (ding) but working nonetheless (dong). I'm spending many, many hours trying to get back into the groove and shake off the rust and seriously, this shit is tough. Even though I'm around T-Kong all day and the hubs is currently playing Mr. Mom, I'm still having withdrawals and just can't seem to get my head into work. So while my day-job is again sucking my will to live, I've decided to make it my after-my-baby-passes-out job to figure out a job I love and will allow me more time at home. Any ideas? Positions currently being considered: professional chef, celebrity stylist, top-dollar interior designer, glass-blower, sommelier, brewer and photographer. Problems with said jobs include: burning toast, not knowing any celebrities, drinking my products, having shaky hands and no professional design training. Suck. Have I ever told you I dropped my design major in college because of the math requirements? Big. Fat. Mistake. If I could go back and do it again, I'd hire a tutor and make it work, because truth be told, interiors have always been my real passion. Don't get me wrong, I love me some written word, but if given the choice between choosing paint colors and choosing synonyms, I'll take the paint all day long. So yeah, anyone want to hire a professional writer/would-be designer with no training other than her good design genes and pleasant demeanor? Just checking.

Anyhoo, missed you, peeps! Let's do this thing.

(photo via Box of Crayons)

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