Their Turf To Surf

My company does this big "great places to work" thing. You know, recognizing people for their efforts with say, a water bottle or $10 Target gift card. Not that I'm givin' the stink eye to a $10 Target gift card, but I can think of better ways to reward employees for their hard work. Like providing them with a surf shack in Montauk exclusively for their use. You know, an impossibly COOL surf shack, for an impossibly cool company. This one, for example, is for the clients, staff and friends of those lucky enough to work at Chandelier Creative. For the love of God, even their website is all kinds of awesome at (Yes, seriously.) So when I bid adieu to maternity leave and head back into the office on Monday, I'll be sure and stare at these pictures. Right before diving into endless hours of hard work in hopes of earning a sweet magnet. Another one. FML.

(First seen on Honestly WTF)

Shannon of HAPPINESS IS  – (September 30, 2011 at 2:47 PM)  

Absolutely amazing. I want to live here! :) xo

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