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Soooo, did you watch the Oscars? What’d you think? The ceremony itself wasn’t exactly a nail-biter, but I will say I kind of loved A LOT of the fashion. I geeked out for about, oh, two hours watching the red carpet in order to be able to properly judge. And considering I truly believe fashion inspires d├ęcor and vice versa, well, here you go. I didn’t want to totally bore you with my “top ten” picks for best dressed so I’m editing here, but Mila, Sharon, Halle and Jennifer also made my list. Nicole on the other hand? Not so much. I’m sure my opinion devastates her, but I gotta keep it real.

P.S. Uhhh, anyone else notice Daphne Zuniga there? Just checking.

(hide slipper chair and silver leaf wire pendant from Pieces Inc., lacquer chest from Foley and Cox, sir elton headboard at Myrica Design, all fashion photos via Yahoo)


Dear Masseria Cimino...

I realize you are a hotel, but would it be okay if I came to stay for like, ever? Because that would be spectacular. I love your white stucco, and your organic touches like olive oil on display and cactus as decor. Simple, brilliant, relaxing...adjectives I'd love to use more often these days. Looks like I'll need to travel to Italy to find out exactly how to do that. Damn.

(Photos via Style Files, where you can also check out the actual description of this fabulous hotel.)


Arrange A Change

I'm always curious to see how other people arrange their "things." Maybe it's because I'm all about the same-size lucite frame hung at eye level, or maybe it's because I secretly love to snoop. (Not to worry, friends, I swear I've never rooted through your medicine cabinet.) Regardless, these images from Skona Hem offer equal parts inspiration and "balls, my decor is super boring." Loving the last image with all different size prints, especially the ones hung closest to the ground. And check out the lines of the lamp vs. chair in the third one. So simple, yet so smart. Heh, I just used the word smart...I've officially become my mother.

(images via Skona Hem)


Weekly Whiteout

I love the use of shabby chic decor here and then BAM, a mid-century Sputnik style pendant. Brilliant! Oh and for the record, I think every girl needs a fireplace in their bedroom. Not that I have one, I'm just sayin'.

(image via Cococozy)


Missing Out On Modernism Week

Well helllllo there - long time no speak! I'm back (ish), though still on bed rest. Booooo. Not that I miss my two-hour daily commute or anything, but for someone who's always on the go, sitting still is, ahem, challenging. I'll tell you what else I'm missing...MODERNISM WEEK in good 'ole Palm Springs. Double booooo. Most of you have heard thousands of times that my grandfather, E. Stewart Williams, designed both the Edris House and Frank Sinatra's Twin Palms estate, but I bring it up again because they're both featured on tours this week. I have my own personal memories of both these pads, but what I'd love to know is whether or not any of YOU are currently checking them out. I want deets, people! I mean, I'm currently a shut-in after all, so if nothing else share out of pity will ya? Sheesh.


Weekly Whiteout, and a Bit of News

Finally, a great use for a disco ball, sans lucite shoes and glow sticks! Also loving the painted edges of the wood. Frun.

As for the "news" portion of the program, our baby-to-be gave us a pretty big scare yesterday and I'm going to take a little break from blogging this week. I'll be back on Monday fo sho, but until then it's likely you'll hear crickets coming from my neck of the woods. Unless of course I find something I just HAVE to share in which case all bets are off. Hope you're having a great week and staying out of trouble! Until we meet again.

(image via Lolita)


Now THIS is a Condo

I’m sorry, but is this not the most unbelievable condo in the history of condos?? Dramatic, maybe, but let’s be real, every single detail in this place is all kinds of awesome. I love how the pale tile is carried from patio to bath and complements the gorgeous wood floors so well, and how despite its size, the small(ish) kitchen is made hugely gourmet by high-end appliances, leaded glass and an incredible butcher-block island. And the tub with the skylight overhead? And the reading nook in the bedroom?? Oh and one last thing…it’s for sale. Get on it, people. The sooner you move in the sooner I can come over and never leave. Thank you.

(To make all our dreams come true, check out the deets HERE)


Dwelling on the Desert

In a town where houses are differentiated only by the cars in their driveway, it's always so refreshing to see some sweet architecture in my hood. Don't get me wrong, I love the desert, but some days tract neighborhoods, tan paint and tile roofs start sucking the life my soul. Okay most days but who's counting? It's houses in Phoenix like this that make me want to be a better person.

(See more of this fab abode HERE on


I Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming…

…to bring you the CUTEST animal shots I’ve ever seen.

That is all.

(photography by Whisker Snaps Photo)


Weekly Whiteout

White with a splash of pale blue...I love to see two of my all-time favorites working together. Kind of like chocolate and peanut butter, brie and apples, Andy Cohen and Nene Leakes. That's right, don't judge.

(photo via Agent Bauer)


Unfinished Notes To My Unborn - #3

I have this lemon chapstick that I’m pretty obsessed with. As in, I go through several tubes a month, have one stashed in every purse, pocket and drawer imaginable, yet quietly pretend it's not a problem. Bah. Today I remembered that women ingest a ridiculous amount of this kind of stuff on a yearly basis, so I’m really hoping you don’t have an aversion to citrus. Let's chat about this sooner or later, shall we?

(illustration by Natalie Dee)


Sweet Relief

Everyone who's freezing raise their hand!! It's 35 degrees even in ARIZONA right now. Uhhh, what dude? I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a little sun and a whoooole lotta beach. Even if I do have to wear a muumuu.

(Rosewood Little Dix Bay)


Lovely Living

Think the owners of these homes would mind if I broke in and spent an afternoon lounging in their living space? You know, for research purposes. Er, something.

(Images via Skona Hem)

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