Excuse Me House, Can We Talk?

I hate to bother you, but you see, I've fallen for you. Fallen hard. With your huge shiny windows and lush foliage it was love at first sight. And every time we meet I find something new to adore. Your amazing ceilings make my heart beat faster and your fantastic fixtures and interior color palette that reflects everything outdoors make me swoon. So I was just thinking we should to take this relationship to another level. Preferably the one back at your place. Oh, and to make it even more interesting? I've invited your amazing photographer Hotze Eisma. Frun.


Breathing Room

Though it usually wouldn't be my style, there are so many things I love about this room. Forget the fact that I could live out the rest of my days inside Pieces or Jayson Home & Garden, there's just something peaceful and chic about this space. The classic sofa and vintage rug are a great mix with the industrial(ish) stool and sconce, and well, let's be real - every room is made better with a dash of Anthropologie. Ah, so many rooms, so little time. Now I know how Sultan Brunei must feel. Did you know that guy has 1,788 rooms and 257 bathrooms? He also has a reported harem of well, a lot. Hmmm, maybe his harem is the reason he NEEDS so many rooms. Wow, that gives my statement above a whooooole new meaning. Sorry, tangent, but I'm just sayin'.

(collected memories mirror from Anthropologie, belgian wingback sofa from Restoration Hardware, basket sconce at Vivre, round iron side table via Pieces, vintage oushak rug at Jayson Home and Garden, hammered aluminum small rectangular tray from West Elm)


Weekly Whiteout

Oh I'm sorry, were you looking for me? I've been really busy rolling around in my ridiculously soft blanket and counting the rings in my sweet white screen. You know, very important business to attend to up in here.

(image from Living Etc.)


In a Perfect World...

LinkIt's a sunny 60 degrees, my riding boots are perfectly worn in, my purse costs less than $1,000 and my edgy but effortless jewelry earn me hundreds of compliments. I also may or not may not be a J. Crew model. Either way I'm stoked.

(Yves Saint Laurent roady leather hobo at Saks, cashmere wrap scarf from White and Warren, J. Crew stadium cloth peacoat, leaf ring by Sarah Perlis, Steve Madden olster boots, circle and diamond leather bracelet at Zoe Chicco)


Frugal Fridays - Bargain Barn

My days of associating the word "barn" with Old MacDonald, an annoying purple dinosaur and the Dress Barn are over. A friend recently directed me to the site, Barn Light Electric and I've barely been able to pry myself away. I mean, their tagline alone - "Where vintage and modern collide" - makes my heart skip a beat. After all, I've found about 100 things I'd like to collide with. Oh and P.S.? This particular fixture comes in various sizes and offers nearly ever finish, mounting option and color imaginable. (DWR only offers three). So go forth this Friday and find yourself some fabulous lighting. Just don’t blame me if you end up needing a big red structure to house it in.

(barn lamp at DWR, barn light warehouse pendant from Barn Light Electric)


Oh Happy Day

(image by Elgarboart)
Happy 32nd birthday to my oldest and dearest friend!! I like to call out her age because for the next three months we are the saaaame. See, usually she prides herself on being younger to get me back for the times I tortured her about A.) getting my license first, and B.) turning 21 first. Something that has of course backfired as we've gotten older. Bah. It's hard to believe, but we've been best friends for 25 years. Both only kids, we always say we were destined to meet and have become more like family than friends. Despite being separated by state lines, we still talk once a day and she continues to be my go-to for just about everything. I wish, though, that we were celebrating together today. I'd love to live down the street again so I could bake her a cake and sing her a ridiculous song. So we could have cocktails too early in the afternoon and laugh long into the night. So I could toast her, honor her and tell her in person that she has been a source of strength during the two most difficult years of my life...even when she hasn't realized it. Stupid distance. Good thing I have no problem pouring a cocktail and calling her for happy hour. Until then, happy birthday, best friend. I hope you have as fabulous a day as you deserve. (Mark, I'm talking to you.)


Weekly Whiteout

Just when you think Ikea is your quickest answer for shelving, someone comes along with something like this. Genius.
(image via Living Etc.)


Mid-Century Marvel

Ummmm, can we talk about this house? Obviously I'm a lover of mid-century design and decor, but what I'm possibly even more obsessed with is the idea of indoor/outdoor living and of course, a patio approved space. I'm also a fan of "the hidden gem." You know, something that looks so-so from the outside but is nothing less than amazing inside. Like the perfect man, this house has it alllllll goin' on. Check out those sliding glass doors that allow the living room to spill out to the backyard. And don't even get me started on the textures. I love the exposed, unfinished beams, and the unexpected use of small-scale tile. And the view? Man, and I think I'm unmotivated now. My husband would be lucky if I ever got off the chaise and took a shower. Don't judge - you know you'd love to join me.


Frugal Fridays - Mirror, mirror on the floor...

...who is the cheapest without being a whore? I dunno, I couldn’t think of anything else that rhymed. Regardless, I have a thing for mirrored dressers after seeing one in a nursery inside Domino back in the day (RIP). I mean, I'm not interested in a full blown affair or anything, but an innocent crush at the very least.

(iris mirrored chest from Horchow, versailles chest from JC Penney)


Tin Can Phony

I’m obsessed with these vases that resemble tin cans. I know, I know, I’m sure they’re pricey and I could probably fake the look, but seriously? I find it hard to believe I could feel the same way about actual tin cans. Even though I’m sure nobody would ever be able to tell the difference and I would face ridicule upon revealing how much I paid for the real deal. It’s kind of how I feel about handbags, Pinot Noir and Michael Jackson impersonators. While I love a good imitation, sometimes you just can’t fake the funk.

(image via Ochre Home, nos da cushion at Magpie and Rye, Astier de Villatte vases, Sarah Perlis light blue sapphire ring, caldwell console at Jayson Home & Garden)


Survey Says?

Chosen at random, the winner of Friday's giveaway is Milk and Honey Home! E-mail with your deets, and I'll email YOU a promo code for $40 at CSN. It's no chicken dinner, but it's certainly a pillow or two. Word.
(print via Sew Saucy Stitches)


Weekly Whiteout

(image via Light Locations)

Do you think God lives here? Just checking.


Givin' You a Little Sugar

(print via Sweet Shop)

Happy Monday, peeps! No time for an inspiration board today as "the Man" is all up in my mix. Blah. Good thing we've got Friday's giveaway to keep us busy. Check out the goods on CSNStores.com for stuff by Dwell Studio, Herman Miller, and even Jonathan Adler. Just leave a comment and $40 could be all yours to shop like a kid in a candy shop. What what!


Frugal Fridays - A Gaffe and a Giveaway

Before I picked up the Paul McCobb piece for my living room, I was continuously perplexed by the legend of the coffee table. Though undoubtedly functional for housing everything from books to beer bottles, I’d seen it go SO horribly wrong one time too often. You know what I’m talking about; the glass rings ingrained into wood, the dirty shoe scuffs and fingerprints on glass, the plethora of remotes on display…the sheer horror of it all. Even though I’m falling more in love with my vintage coffee table every day, I still have a soft spot for acrylic. The idea that utility disappear to take a backseat to fabulous d├ęcor is well, fabulous. I know there’s the possibility that it becomes scratched or worse, cracked, but seriously? If you put these nesting tables in your house for even just a year, your CPU is about $.38 a day. A day, people! What else can you get for that price? Besides 10% of a Starbucks grande latte and ¼ of the newspaper, that is. I mean, I’m just sayin’.

Another thing I’m saying’? The folks at CSN were nice enough to offer you guys another $40 gift card. Woot! Just leave a comment telling me your thoughts on coffee tables, acrylic, the weather, whatevs – I’m easy. One lucky winner will be chosen at random next Wednesday to spend frivolously on CSN.com (coincidentally, they too love acrylic). Brew ya. How’s that for frugal fun day?

(peekaboo clear nesting tables from CB2, acrylic nesting tables at Overstock.com)


Dun, dun, duuun...

The big reveal! Not as exciting as say, the unveiling of Project Runway’s winner, or even the Real Housewives of Jersey reunion (seriously, did you see it? Hot. Mess.), but a big reveal nonetheless. Ugly couch is out and clean-lined classic sofa is in. Pretty much every piece of furniture in the living room is repurposed. We covered the sofa in the underside of a blue linen fabric because the texture rocks, and the club chairs once belonged to my parents. * In fact, there’s white wicker somewhere under the ottoman. Gag. The chair under the window is my fave, as it used to live in my grandfather’s office of his architecture firm. I can remember curling up on it as a kid to watch him sketch. Of course, back then it was bright orange, but the memory remains the same. I don’t think anyone realized how beautiful it was, so I’ve always felt like I scored when I inherited it – in more ways than one, obviously. I also love the white lacquer cube that our TV sits on. It graced my mom's San Fran studio in her John Wheatman days and I think it's as great now as it was 35 years ago. The coffee table is vintage Paul McCobb, the acrylic and glass bar cart is courtesy of Craigslist, the porcelain acorns and giant strawberry are “on the road” finds, and the Wegner chairs were purchased for a steal at a local sale. Let’s see, what else…Oh, I also included pics of the spare bedroom, mostly so you could see the new light fixture. (Also a Craigslist find). Though not quite at home in the condo just yet, the room is still a work in progress and I have hope. The photo over the bed is new too, thanks to a shot I took in Mexico and had Kodak Gallery blow up and make metallic. And lastly, I’m showing you my row of old-school family photos, just because. I’m a firm believer that a home should be filled with everything you love, and well, I love each and every one of those pictures.

Deep breath. Okay, that’s a lot of talky for one day and I hope you’re not bored out of your head. If I lost you, come back tomorrow for some Frugal Friday fun, AND a great giveaway. Brew ya.

*Please don't judge me for my sad Ikea throw pillows. I have new ones in the works but the room needed some color in the interim. Duh.


This Bathing Suits Me Just Fine

There are very few things in life that make me happier than a good bathtub. (Okay, that's a lie, but let's just not tell red wine, chocolate, cheese, white lacquer, flip flops and my husband that they have competition, shall we?) I feel like this particular one is more a piece of art than a fixture, and could see entire parties congregated around its beauty. Remember that "Seinfeld" where Kramer falls so deeply in love with the bath that he decides to do everything while taking one? If memory serves me right, he even prepares dinner for four in there. And hell, after laying eyes on this baby, I don't blame him. On that note, who's up for a couple hard-boiled eggs?

(bordeaux small polished nickel tray from Haus Interior, arteriors brooke small canister at Quality Bath, mirror from Frametastic, photo from Arlene Gee’s photostream, giagni wall-mount tub faucet at Plumbing Decor, freestanding oval bathtub from Waterworks)


Weekly Whiteout

(image via Cote de Texas)

Happy day after three-day weekend! Booooo. I at least hope you enjoyed your short-lived freedom by doing all kinds of fun things not involving housework or moving furniture. You know, unlike everything I did. Sigh. On the upside, ugly couch is GONE. Ding! Stay tuned for pics, and here's a hint: The new look involves something old and something blue. Okay NO it's not as glorious as the kitchen above but whatevs, "something" is better than ugly, right??


Frugal Fridays - A Persuasive Kartell

So there we were. My mom and I minding our own business, walking down a decidedly stylish street in San Fran. And then, through the fog, the red light of Kartell’s store sign. Like a beacon it drew us into its clutches. All acrylic and white glossy lacquer – pulling us in like a moth to a flame. Before we knew it, my mom had purchased eight of these beauties, and I was drooling all over their showroom floor. Two months later? The chairs have yet to arrive and let’s just say there’s a bit of buyer’s remorse flying around. Dun dun dun, daughter to the rescue! “Ring ring, hey Mom, it’s me. Just thought I’d tell you Crate & Barrel has an almost identical version of your Kartell chair.” Click. And so the CPU process begins. Stay tuned...

(Kartell Lizz Chair available at Y Living, Ypsilon side chair from Crate & Barrel)


My September Issue

I love fall. The season, the clothing, the weather. Er, wait. It’s still 100 degrees here. While practically every store in the country is pushing plaid shirts and wool capes, I’m rocking flip-flops and extra deodorant. It’s kind of ridiculous, but make no mistake, we will sweat in the name of fashion. I’ll put on boots a little too early and friends will pull out their cords despite the beating sun (you know who you are). This is the time of year I am O.V.E.R. the weather, and need to continuously remind myself it too will be over soon. It helps to remember my heat-induced hysteria will be placated by patio-time well into the winter. Hence, today’s inspiration board. Though it may be a little more for me than for you, let’s be real, there’s always room for another patio-approved space.

(lacquer hexagon tray by Jonathan Adler, garden beverage stand and taylor large hurricane at Crate and Barrel, hatfield grellow rocker and weekender bench from CB2, lillypond umbrella from SB Umbrella)

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