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LinkEven though I'm not a huge fan of red, I've always loved this photograph by Slim Aarons. It reminds me of Palm Springs and of my grandparents and their super stylish friends. Instead of beers and brats by the pool as is expected these days, I picture champagne punch and tiny fruit plates. Oh, and swim caps. I mean, who doesn't love a swim cap?? I have a BBQ coming up in a couple weeks...I'll let you know who doesn't love them.

(arctic pear wall light from Ochre, suzanne kasler sunburst mirror #4 at Ballard Design, sip of gold champagne cups from William and Son, penthouse pool by Slim Aarons, caster table from Mjolk, the theodore sofa at Jayson Home and Garden)


Weekly Whiteout

I swear to you, if you walked into our condo right now you'd believe me to be a hoarder. Between endless baby stuff, things we're going through for an upcoming garage sale and my husband's stash of Jordans (yep, that's right, the shoes), I'm ready to take a backpack and move into a lean-to on the patio. As soon as I saw this space though, the sun came out, the birds started chirping again, my hives dissipated, and I knew I had to share it with you. I plan on keeping it in my mental Rolodex to stop the internal screams. Feel free to do the same.

(Image via Emmas Design blog)


Veracruzin' My Way To A Buzz

This post is dedicated to my friend who’s in need of a Mexico moment. Question is, when we goin’ and how soon can I get my hands on a Corona ? And yes, I think my unborn will look all kinds of dapper in a sombrero.

(Hotel Azucar, first seen on Anthology)


The Swells Of Sea Foam

I have a thing for this color. I'm not talking about a one-night stand kind of thing, but rather a full fledged "let's make this legal" love affair. It reminds me of the ocean - of salt spray, sunshine and turquoise water. It makes me want to uncork a bottle of champagne, hop a yacht for St. Barts and show off my tan legs and bright pink toenails. Oh, and my tiny white bikini. (That's right, this is the kind of day dream I'm having so just give it to me, okay?) Ahhhh, sea foam, I love you - you make me want to be a better person. Or at least a tanner, thinner one. Sigh.

(image via Design Sponge, lamp by vij5, icelandic silk velvet appliqué pillows from Mjolk, duvet cover in mint and gold by Karen Barbe, splash table at Lannone, marais a chair in mint from DWR)


Ideas In Bloom

Just a little eye candy for your Thursday. If you've never checked out A Creative Mint before, you are SO missing out on gorgeous photography, inspirational boards and creative projects that will blow your mind. Consider yourself briefed. Thank you.

(all images via A Creative Mint)



Have you ever been on a houseboat? I have, and let me tell you they can be a tad, ahem, shady to say the least. Enter this AMAZING masterpiece in Paris. Beautiful decor, unobstructed views, the ability to throw a party on the move...yea, I could get down with that. Who's with me?? Wine on the deck in an hour! What whaaaaat!

(Images via Living Agency)


Weekly Whiteout

I love how this kitchen is totally clean and modern yet they’ve left the original doors. (Pocket doors, perhaps?) And what about the floors - new or original? Either way, this space and its attached counter/dining area had me at hello. As did that cake stand full of what I imagine to be freshly baked pastries. Mmmmm, pastries.

(Image via Anna Gillar)



Would you guys think less of me if I moved into a studio that looked like this? I mean, check out that outdoor space! So it's a bathroom - details, details. I feel like I'd be very content there. Now, who's up for a dinner party?

(image via Emmas Design Blog)



With travel playing such a huge part in my family's life, it only seems right to incorporate some kind of map into Baby Mc's room. I mean, my geographer father had me navigating from the back of the station wagon at a VERY young age for the love of God. (And yes, it's cool to get lost.) Luckily, I also happen to think maps are awesome and graphic and cool, and perfect for a budding Travel Channel host. I'm just sayin'. Problem is, I kind of love alllll of them, don't you? I've had my eye on the Famille Summerbelle laser cut-based print for a long time, but I've also fallen for the mod look from Albie Design and the textures by Crafterall. And let's be real, I can't buy them all. The only people you see with walls of maps end up living off the grid in bunkers or on epis of Law and Order. Balls, I hate decisions. And bunkers.


Weekly Whiteout

So I've been waking up at 5:30 to go on these long walks right? I mean, obviously I know exercise is great for the baby, great for my psyche, blah, blah, blah, so you'd think my bed would be onboard. Not so much. I swear that comfy slice of heaven tries to sabotage my every morning move. Can you imagine the hot mess that would be my life if THIS were my bedroom?? Let's just say you'd see me on some kind of A&E special fo SHO.

(image via Design Shimmer)


Funky Fresh

Bah. I'm in a funk today. The weather is gray, my mood is gray and well, I'd like to hide out in one of these gray(ish) bathrooms. Who's with me?? Okay, I guess that could get weird. Dibs on the clawfoot.

(images via Emmas Design blog and Anna Gillar)


A Happy Equation

4 years of dating + 3 of married bliss + 1 tiny baby boy on the way = happier than I ever thought I could be.

I love you more than you know. And also, you're very hot, so thanks for that. Happy anniversary, hot stuff!


Weekly Whiteout

Now this is a table set for spring. And what do you think...are those plates displayed on the shelves?? It would take me about 15 seconds to knock those bad boys down, but what a lovely 15 seconds it would be.

(image via Eclecchic)


Saturday, I Showered

Today I am so full of love. My best friend of 25 years came to town this weekend to throw me the sweetest baby shower in the history of baby showers, and I am still overwhelmed with joy thinking about it. Held at my parents' beautiful home, there were thoughtful touches around every corner and teary eyes (mine of course) every other minute. Nobody endured games about diapers or over the top themes, just enjoyed subtle moments full of sunshine, happiness and lots of delicious food. There were photos from my childhood above the fireplace, and fresh spring flowers in every room. My nearest and dearest hung words of love and encouragement from a beautiful branch, all of which are now hanging from a silk ribbon on the nursery door.

Two fabulous girlfriends took unbelievable photos while another provided the incredible food - despite the gourmet spread it's only her "hobby" and she swears it took no time at all. (Sure.) And when all the fun was over and wrapping paper was everywhere, my bf asked that everyone take a candle light when I go into labor.

Thank you, dear friends and family, for showering me with one of my happiest days. I have never felt more blessed, more loved, or more thankful for you in my life. And on that note, I need to grab a tissue.

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