With travel playing such a huge part in my family's life, it only seems right to incorporate some kind of map into Baby Mc's room. I mean, my geographer father had me navigating from the back of the station wagon at a VERY young age for the love of God. (And yes, it's cool to get lost.) Luckily, I also happen to think maps are awesome and graphic and cool, and perfect for a budding Travel Channel host. I'm just sayin'. Problem is, I kind of love alllll of them, don't you? I've had my eye on the Famille Summerbelle laser cut-based print for a long time, but I've also fallen for the mod look from Albie Design and the textures by Crafterall. And let's be real, I can't buy them all. The only people you see with walls of maps end up living off the grid in bunkers or on epis of Law and Order. Balls, I hate decisions. And bunkers.

Unknown  – (April 13, 2011 at 1:36 PM)  

God ,decisions, decisons. They're ALL so cool. Not crazy spensive' either.

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