From Dust to Desert

Well friends, we're outta here. Heading to Palm Springs for my cousin's wedding and then carrying on to cooler climates. Woot! Have I mentioned my cousin is getting married at the Palm Springs Desert Art Museum? Fun fact - it was designed by my grandfather, E. Stewart Williams (photo of the dashing man and his pipe above) AND, my other cousin (we're all very close) also got married there ten years ago this month. Considering my cousin getting married (I swear, I only have four cousins - try and keep up) is also an architect who happens to be marrying ANOTHER architect (still with me?) we're having all kinds of dinners and fun parties at fabulous PS locales like the one above. Oh, AND, my mom worked for and was close friends with Arthur Elrod, so we're staying at one of the places he designed back in the day. What whaaaaat! Disclaimer - it will be 112 degrees. Double disclaimer - it will be 112 where I live, too, so yeah, whatevs. I digress.

I promise lots of pics in the event I don't die of heat stroke. Until we meet again, my pretties!


Weekly Whiteout

Kind of LOVING this room. The lines of the coffee table juxtaposed with the chair, and the height difference between the sofa and lamp is brillllliant. Oh and that photo. Something about the texture of it just speaks to me. Kind of the way brownies after a bootcamp workout do. Mmmmm, brownies.

(image first seen on Design Sense)


Beach Blanket Baby

I keep meaning to share pics from my cousin's wedding in Santa Barbara a few weeks ago! We stayed in Carpinteria, rested in Palm Springs and had a blast. I won't bore you with all the deets, but here
are the Cliffs Notes - the weather was amazing, the beach beautiful, the bride stunning and the baby happy. Oh, and there were weird clouds to boot. Seriously, that's weird right? I was strangely obsessed. Whatevs. That is all, carry on!

PS - My other cousin is getting married next weekend in Palm Springs so back we go. All kinds of goodness will be going down there so stay tuned. I know you're excited!


Weekly Whiteout

I love me some shelves. Especially when they look like this. And I don't know what that glorious storage container on the floor is all about, but I want one. Someday my home will again look this organized (and white), and this photo gives me the hope. Get it? Heh.

(image via Moss + Mirrors)


A Wedding With Punch

What's this? An inspiration board?? Yea buddy, gettin' back to my roots! Anywho, I dear friend of mine is planning her wedding and is hoping for a low-key event that keeps it fun, and ahem, affordable.   She's thinking of a whole picnic theme or maybe even just cake and punch. Oh and the decor should be simple and easy to execute, yet convey the festive mood of the day. Right? Right. Personally, I'm obsessed with throwing fresh flowers into canning jars, oh and BLTs. Yep, really can't go wrong there!  Mmmmm, bacon. I mean, mmmmm, marriage.

(Ugh, cannot find my sources for these shots ANYWHERE. I do know dresses are by J.Crew, straws and love sign via BHLDN, ring bearer bowl from Paloma's Nest and multiple other images are from Snippet and Ink. Sigh.)

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