Happily Hitched

As if I couldn’t be more stoked about the weekend, I have a seriously exciting event in my future. A couple of my nearest and dearest are gettin’ hitched, and I’m already grinning from ear to ear. Anyone who knows them knows it’s been a loooong time coming and I’m thrilled to witness them finally seal the deal (er, you know what I mean). And wait until you see the venue. Amaaaazing. For now, I’m off to drink too much champagne and help the bride with fun last minute deets - stay tuned for pics! Oh, and did I mention I’m taking them?? Holy balls say a prayer they don’t blow. OYE.

(banner by Earmark)


Inspiring Spaces

Peeps, sorry for the radio silence yesterday, but I am a HOT MESS of deadlines. Not only that, but did I tell you I've been charged (along with a few others) with revamping the decor of several floors of my company and three of our branches?? Hot. Mess. Anyway, thanks to such a project, I've been on the hunt for spaces where I think I could really be productive. You know, in an out-of-the-cube kind of way.

Usher in the apartment of Sarah Illenberger. She's an illustrator living in Berlin and her pad is all kinds of awesome. I'm crushing on everything she owns with special attention being paid to her collection of globes, wall of tchotchkes and her adorable dog. Duh.


Weekly Whiteout

A pop of color goes a long way, don't you think? First and foremost, I love the whimsy of the fringe lamp against the plain tile floors. I also find it really interesting that they only painted one post. Personally, I'm drawn to rooms that aren't completely symmetrical, but I can see how people (my husband) might think this a mistake. Thoughts?

(image via Living Etc.)Link


Shhhhh, Can You Hear It??

This house is speaking to me. "Buy me, possess me, come back to your Viking roots." It's tempting me with its gorgeous floors, fabulous decor and amazing bathtub in a room that opens up to reveal, well another amazing tub...with a semi-decent view. Oh, but how will I choose when the time comes to freshen up?? Sigh. I've asked for it for Christmas (the house not the tub) so stay tuned. Hear that, Husband? I'm talkin' to you. I also may or may not be poking you in the chest.

(home via Skona Hem)


Frugal Fridays - Nice Curves

Okay, okay, so these chairs are not identical, but something about the lines makes them similar. And fun. And stackable. And did I mention fun? 'Cause they are.

(spark side chair from Design Within Reach, Ikea urban chair)


Hard at work...

...in the middle of a forest. Yeah, I think I could get down with that. (Said wistfully from Cube Land.)

(Selgas Cano Architecture firm, first seen on Today and Tomorrow)


Bromancing the Bathroom

I’ll admit it; I’ve never been a real girly girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love a luxurious purse and even a gorgeous black heel every now and then, but I’ve never been known to work, say, anything with bows (gag). I like my pink on my cupcakes, my grandfather’s vintage Cartier watch and a ponytail over a flat-iron any day of the week. If that makes my taste a little masculine than so be it – just promise to talk me down from the ledge if I ever start browsing for urinals.

(Image, lawson sconce and easton classic shower rose and lever handles from Waterworks, vintage clock via Tea Works Cottage, kontextür VIKTOR toothbrush and razor holders at Design Public, sport soap set from Jayson Home & Garden)


Weekly Whiteout

How glorious does this bed look? Perfectly minimal and disheveled, it makes the argument to never make my own again. It also stands to reason that an extra-long sheet is perfectly suitable to work overtime as a bedskirt. Brilliant. And I love the mid-century side table juxtaposed with shabby-chic-esque linens, mirror and headboard. Oh that headboard. Who knew old wooden planks could look so new? Love it. Love it all.

(image via DecoFabulous photostream)


Frugal Fridays - Parsons School of Design

It's a universal fact that one can never have too much shelving. I've always loved the Parsons unit from West Elm, partly because I have the Parsons desk and partly because it's well, white, shiny and simple. Duh. What's not simple is how much they charge for it. $499. Seriously? No thank you. Therefore, I was thrilled to come across this little gem from Home Decorators. Though I'd probably still hit Ikea before picking this up, I'm all about the options. And more shelves. And various other things I won't bore you with today. Happy Friday, peeps.

(parsons bookshelf from Home Decorators Collection, parsons tower from West Elm)


Is It Just Me...

...or does this image from Restoration Hardware make anyone else feel the need to rock a toga? And possibly an extra 4 inches of height? Don't get me wrong, I usually love the tailored looks from RH, but I simply cannot get down with their latest pieces. No seriously, I'm scared of heights and I'm stuck on the ladder I need to turn those lamps off.


Pass me Some Grass

Grasscloth, that is. Or raffia as in this raffia wrapped nightstand. I'll take it all. Texture, nailheads, neutral color? Heavenly.

(kediri curtains from Anthropologie, applied porcelain book set from Klein Reid, ferm living poof from Huset-Shop, meade nightstand from WS Home, tate bed from Crate and Barrel, arched table lamp from Pieces Inc.)


Weekly Whiteout

Ummmm, a whole jar of white pencils?? How do I not have this? The HORROR.

first seen on Emmas Design Blog)


Fantasties on the Farm

I don’t know about you, but today I feel like ditching the rat race and heading for a farm where I will write in peace, raise chickens, bake bread and grow my own vegetables. Oh, and make my own wine...that would also be lovely.

Feel free to drop by anytime. I may or may not be sober, but I'll certainly be relaxed!

(modern farm dining table at West Elm, orange salt cellar, pear salt cellar and basque wine rack from Jayson Home & Garden, vinnie cradle chairs from Overstock.com, EAT table linens by Emersonmade, flowers by Studio Choo)


Frugal Fridays - Short Stories

With all the ugly counter stools out there, Ikea's Sebastian makes me happy. Pay no mind to the fact that I purchased them awhile back only to get them home and realize I’d picked up the smaller of the two sizes. Now everyone who sits on them looks like a 4-year old, but hey, they still look pretty. Now if only I had taller friends.

(Crate and Barrel 30" felix stool, Ikea 29" sebastian stool)


The DNA of Good Decor

Okay friends, here it is. The house I grew up in, the space that started it all. I know my parents are going to kill me - for sharing these and for not allowing them to properly stage - but seriously, how could I NOT post pics of their pad?? Please forgive the lighting as clearly these were taken on the, ahem, sly. Oh and the dining area in the kitchen; we'd had a party for my husband's b-day the night before. I can assure you, however, that under normal circumstances you would never find a shoe sitting anywhere but the closet. Anyhoo, my mom is an incredible designer, working once upon a time for John Wheatman, Steve Chase and Arthur Elrod himself (yes, Arthur Elrod of the Lautner house where she spent many moments). Back in the day she helped decorate Farrah's house and Cher's digs, and honed her skills from Palm Springs to San Francisco. I covet everything she's done with this house (and she's done A LOT, trust me) and everything she owns and am honored when she asks for my opinion. Check out her vintage dining table and new chairs from Kartell, for example. Uh, yes please! I keep trying to convince my parents to do a switch...we'll move into their house, they can move into the condo, and all will be right with the world. Hey, you never know! My mom keeps saying we should go into business together...I might just have to take her up on that.


Weekly Whiteout

"What would make this kitchen better?" They wondered. Well a glass roof of course. I mean, obviously. I know some people will disagree with me, but I find this fabulous. So the question is, great light/glorious view or cleaning nightmare/pigeon paradise? Go.

(photo via Light Locations)


Hardwired Hardware

While at my parents' pad this weekend, I thought I'd take some shots of their hardware. Random, I know, but it's all original and kicks ASS. Especially when coupled with my Mom's mid-century furniture and contemporary details. Strange combo you say? I assure you it's all kinds of awesome. I also nabbed some pics of their interiors, but I'm still trying to convince them that publishing them here doesn't equate to being robbed in the middle of the night. Ah, parents. Stay tuned.


Frugal Fridays - A Pouf That Would Make Snooki Proud

Pouf! And just like that, Nate Berkus makes life all kinds of easier. Bless his sweet little wavy-haired head.

(metallic poof by Nate Berkus for HSN, metallic moroccan pod at Pieces)

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