Frugal Fridays - Bargain Barn

My days of associating the word "barn" with Old MacDonald, an annoying purple dinosaur and the Dress Barn are over. A friend recently directed me to the site, Barn Light Electric and I've barely been able to pry myself away. I mean, their tagline alone - "Where vintage and modern collide" - makes my heart skip a beat. After all, I've found about 100 things I'd like to collide with. Oh and P.S.? This particular fixture comes in various sizes and offers nearly ever finish, mounting option and color imaginable. (DWR only offers three). So go forth this Friday and find yourself some fabulous lighting. Just don’t blame me if you end up needing a big red structure to house it in.

(barn lamp at DWR, barn light warehouse pendant from Barn Light Electric)

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