Waddup, Yo?!

So yeah, I'm back, baby! Ish. Started working from home last week (ding) but working nonetheless (dong). I'm spending many, many hours trying to get back into the groove and shake off the rust and seriously, this shit is tough. Even though I'm around T-Kong all day and the hubs is currently playing Mr. Mom, I'm still having withdrawals and just can't seem to get my head into work. So while my day-job is again sucking my will to live, I've decided to make it my after-my-baby-passes-out job to figure out a job I love and will allow me more time at home. Any ideas? Positions currently being considered: professional chef, celebrity stylist, top-dollar interior designer, glass-blower, sommelier, brewer and photographer. Problems with said jobs include: burning toast, not knowing any celebrities, drinking my products, having shaky hands and no professional design training. Suck. Have I ever told you I dropped my design major in college because of the math requirements? Big. Fat. Mistake. If I could go back and do it again, I'd hire a tutor and make it work, because truth be told, interiors have always been my real passion. Don't get me wrong, I love me some written word, but if given the choice between choosing paint colors and choosing synonyms, I'll take the paint all day long. So yeah, anyone want to hire a professional writer/would-be designer with no training other than her good design genes and pleasant demeanor? Just checking.

Anyhoo, missed you, peeps! Let's do this thing.

(photo via Box of Crayons)

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