Hallow, Easy Costume

What better way to start our week than by introducing you to the easiest Halloween costume on the planet? I'm pretty sure these killer ponchos are the love-child of pajama jeans and muumuus, and frankly, I couldn't be more stoked. I mean honestly, did you read my post on Friday? I'm a woman on the verge, people, and trying to squeeze my ass into a sexy nurse/devil/Disney character getup makes me want to die. But a blanket with a face? Now that's a fashion statement I can get behind. Literally.

(panda buddy, tiger buddy and owl buddy via Urban Outfitters)

Unknown  – (October 24, 2011 at 6:16 PM)  

Umm wait until you see my costume. It's not a poncho...but very similar to this. ;)

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