Frugal Fridays - Junk in the Trunk

I realize the issue of the clear trunk has kind of been beaten to death in the "blogosphere" (also a term I feel has been beaten to death, for the record) but I can't help myself. It's kind of like having too much chocolate/great sex/delicious wine/rich cheese. I mean really, is there such a thing? I've had the Lucite debate with my interior designer mother who feels when empty, the look can be beautiful. But when full of, well, crap, it's "unequivocally hideous." Thank you. Personally, I'm on the fence. I can picture it now, under my console table with a perfectly folded stack of gorgeous blankets tucked inside. Not that I 1.) own any gorgeous blankets or 2.) have ever folded my mediocre blankets perfectly, but whatever. Now I'm picturing it under the same table sitting empty. Instead of my mother's voice it's now my husband's, and it kinda sounds like this: "We spent how much on a storage trunk that doesn't store anything? Perfect." Obviously, I haven't figured out the CPU of this item yet. If only the thought of filling the trunk with TV remotes, mail and newspapers didn’t make me itchy. Sigh.

(Plexi-craft trunk, Serge de Troyer trunk at Vivre)

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