A Star is Reborn

I’ve been thinking a lot today about sustainability (thanks to a certain someone who knows who they are) and about the beauty that can be found when an everyday object is turned into something unexpected. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen something fabulous/costly and thought, “well hot damn, I could definitely create that out of X,Y,Z.” You know you’ve been there. I fell in love with Christiane Högner’s All for One shelf the moment I saw it in Dwell, and really, it’s just brilliant. Not only functionally, but artistically as well. Despite living in tract house hell, I loathe decorating like everyone else on my block and this is one of those pieces that would set me apart. I mean, if someone else hadn’t already created it and it wasn’t already out there in the world to be cherished by all. Sigh. A couple other things I find fascinating these days are newspaper wood by Vij5, and the pool noodle rooftop lounge created by my very own cousin, Darien. My, ahem, younger, brilliant architect of a cousin. (Showoff.)

Anyway, read more about all this wonderfulness and keep me posted about your own creations will ya? I promise not to steal them. Ish.

(More about Christiane Högner, more about newspaper wood, more about noodles and such)

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