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Kate from San Francisco sent me a super sweet email this weekend asking if I could create an inspiration board for her new space. Well, duh! I love this stuff almost as much as frosting right outta the tub (don't judge, I'm all kinds of pregnant these days). Annnnyway, Kate is having a tough time incorporating her southern Cali roots with her current northern Cali digs, and on top of it feels like her style may be too girly for her new hubs. I could totally relate to her worries, as right after my honeymoon I tried to introduce pale pink pillowcases into our boudoir. Uh yeah, that wasn't a hit. The bottom line is that no matter HOW many times the men in our lives tell us they don't care what we do, they're still not down with rainbows, potpourri and stuffed animals on the bed. Brew no. So, Kate, here's a plan I'm thinking might work to keep you both happy, and above all, unicorn-free.

First, let's talk color. Pale blues, grays and creamy whites are pretty gender neutral and will remind you of your favorite beaches back home. The textures of rope and wood are a great way to add interest without overwhelming your man with too many patterns (it's all about baby steps, friends). Plus, I happen to have a weird obsession with driftwood and let's be real, that bed flat-out ROCKS. I'm also loving the bowls with gold rims to hold your pretties. Earrings, necklaces, hell, even keys would look gorgeous living there. It's a way to keep your girly side organized without being under lock and key. I mean, we ARE girls after all. Sheesh. Finally, the wall flower art reminded me of all the under-water beauty you talked about seeing on your dives, and the photo is a great upgrade to the shirtless-surfer posters we all had in college. (Mmmmm, surfers.)

So there you have it! Kate, I hope you're able to glean at least a little inspiration from what I've pulled together here. Keep me posted on how everything turns out and remember, at the end of the day, we ladies have ways of making our fellas see the style light. I'm just sayin', sister!

wakeful ikat sheet set at Anthropologie, wall flower art at Jayson Home and Garden, surf life print by isofoto, pom pom pillow covers at West Elm, Benjamin Moore paint in van courtland blue and ozark shadows, dishes via Up In the Air Somewhere, menlo lamp and illusion end table from Anthropologie, linea bed at Crate and Barrel)

Unknown  – (May 16, 2011 at 12:05 PM)  

THAT-ROOM-ROCKS! I'm so copying that when I win the PowerBall.

Knoll Dealers  – (May 19, 2011 at 9:32 AM)  

I'm hoping we can split the PowerBall.

Great ideas, I love the bed. Thanks for sharing.

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