Love in Lock-Up

Have you ever seen that movie with Natalie Portman where she lives inside Walmart for a few weeks? Oh how about the one with Jennifer Connelly, circa HUGE brows, when she gets locked in a store overnight? I would give my left arm to do that in Target. Seriously, the whole arm. Can you imagine the fun?? I’d try on all the $20+ makeup that’s recently debuted, wrap myself in 12 Thomas O’Brien towels, sit in all the chairs, and unfurl all the Dwell bedding before calling it a night. Ahhaaahhhh - insert light shining down on my face from the Heavens here. Even if I never get to do this (and believe me, you never know), I think I could glean the same kind of pleasure from actually just purchasing new Dwell bedding. I have a Dwell Studio duvet cover/shams already, but the thought of paying so much less for a sweet print like this one makes me verrrrry happy. Not locked-inside-the-store happy, but happy nonetheless.

(industrial metal bookshelf and ruffle laundry bag from Urban Outfitters, custom yellow prints at Pieces, martini side table at West Elm, DwellStudio for Target andalucia bedding collection)

Unknown  – (August 26, 2010 at 10:34 AM)  

And they have booze now too! And Twinkie's and frozen burritos!! Omg! I'm loving this idea. I actually knew a couple of girls in high school that dis this. They got away with it too! Crazy!!

Nicole @ the style hatch  – (August 26, 2010 at 11:13 PM)  

Sounds like fun... Target really does have everything I would need. Thanks for posting the industrial shelf, I have been looking for one and that looks perfect!


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