Paper Worth Rolling With

I think it’s a right of passage to hang a paper lantern in your house at some point. Dorm, apartment, cave, tent, whatever. Sadly, and even though I’ve always had a soft spot for the fixtures, I never participated in this act. Come to think of it, maybe this is why I remain so fiercely dedicated to MTV despite being in my, ahem, thirties. (Come on, the LC/Kristin feud? Epic!) Well, lucky for me and my maturity, I saw the photo of these Herman Miller Bubble Lamps recently.

They look like the real thing but not in a “cheap-dim-sum-meets-dingy-studio-with-futon” kind of way. I think they're super stylish clustered together, and I'd love to hang them all in my bedroom. Maybe not in my current bedroom, but in a huge loft with high ceilings and great windows? Perfection. You know, like the one in my dreams that I share with my husband, best friend Whitney and shirtless cook, The Situation.

herman miller bubble lamps from All Modern Lighting, draper stripe ash duvet set at Dwell, little dictionary of fashion by Christian Dior at Jayson Home & Garden, exhibitor mega tote at J. Crew, quartz votive holder from Jayson Home & Garden)

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